Up and running

Am I happy to say here that I completed the migration from a previous hosting service? Yes! Everything runs smoothly!

Bridging IRC

Well, there is that IRC service at h.kaotisk-hund.tk ( over cjdns network ) and y.kaotisk-hund.tk ( over yggdrasil network ). As Arching Kaos Radio had this lack of chat service, I decided to make another one IRC, peer it with the one I have already running over cjdns and serve the newest on the internet. […]

Chat web ui

There is this, chat.ed12.ga website which runs Riot.im client for the matrix protocol. There is a homeserver at matrix.ed12.ga and we server chat.ed12.ga as the web ui.

Having done most of it

Okay, since I managed to export databases and import them in the new database, all that remained was to move files along and configure the web server. Probably, there are more things to do, but for now everything looks okay. Domains are forwarding right this way! I mentioned the web site of AC Livas because […]

Changing things

I am about to announce the first move of service in this particular server. For now, http://aclivas.tk is down as I am processing issues that remain from moving the service. I ‘ll inform soon about its progress.

This is a new place

Hi! Looks like you ‘ve found this page too! Good work!   This is just a page! Nothing more, nothing less!   You can watch for new things but I’m not sure you ‘ll see them.   Thanks for visiting though!   You can move to our main project following this address arching-kaos.tk